High quality LiSOCI2 3.6V ER14505 lithium thionyl chloride battery making companies for smart meter custom lithium battery pack

The lithium thionyl chloride battery is connected in parallel with the HPC, and the lithium thionyl chloride battery charges the HPC with a small current through the voltage difference with the HPC. When powering externally, HPC bears most of the current output.

Main Features of ER Series Li-SOCI2 Batteries

High and Stable Operating Voltage

Wide Operating Temperature Range: -55℃ to 85℃

High Energy Density

Low Self-discharge Rate: less than 1% per year at 20℃

High Safety UN38.3

Model numberNominal voltage(V)Nominal capacity(mAh)Max. continuous discharge current(mA)Max. pulse current(mA)Working temperatureWeight(g)
ER14250 3.612002050-55℃-85℃10
ER14505 3.6260050100-55℃-85℃18
ER17505 3.6360070150-55℃-85℃24
ER18505 3.6400080150-55℃-85℃30
ER26500 3.68500100200-55℃-85℃53
ER34615 3.619000150300-55℃-85℃100

label: ER14505