Longsing focuses on the research and development of battery technologies, chemistries and IoT application support since 2010. It's main product line ranges from primary lithium batteries (Lithium thionly chloride, LiSOCl2)  to rechargeable lithium batteries (Hybrid Pulse Capacitor, HPC). 

Our Hybrid Pulse Capacitor (HPC) with novel carbon anode material and uniquely formulated electrolyte possesses large pulse discharge capability under extreme temperature from -40°C to 85°C. It is ideal for operating "All-weather" remote Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Our HPC was highly recognized (awarded gold medal) in the 45th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2017.

Our Lithium thionly chloride, LiSOCl2 battery ER-Series, is manufactured by Wuhan Zhongyuan Changjiang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd (“ZCST”) and was marketed under Sunmoon brand since 2001. Wuhan ZCST manufactures all types and models of lithium thionyl chloride LiSOCl2 battery and more than 50% of the products are exported to North America and Europe. ZCST has well proven plant designs and processes, which will essentially to keep the high quality of our products.

For more information about the HPC technology, you can check the youtube channel here.  

We have a major breakthrough in battery technology that we can offer the highest charge density (300wh/kg) Lithium Polymer battery in the market. This battery will be used in drone or electric vehicle. 

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