Long Sing at a glance

  •  Established in 2000

  • Focus and develop IoT battery pack since 2010

  •  30+ patents on battery designs and chemistries


  •  2017 Geneva Invention Gold Award – HPC Battery with Extreme Temperature Tolerance

  • Use Imported Raw materials 

  • Proprietary chemistries, cell designs and form factor

  • World Class production process

  • Major HPC + ER series LiSOCl2 battery supplier

  • Highest quality at the most competitive price 

HPC Awards

  • 2017 45th Geneva Invention Gold Award

  • 2020 CES Innovation Award

  • 2021 Edison Silver Award

HPC and Proprietary Materials and Chemistries Development

Nano and Advanced Materials Institute Limited (NAMI HK)


Wuhan Langsheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


Sales and Marketing 

Long Sing Hong Kong and Long Sing Shenzhen

Application Support and Logistics 

Long Sing Hong Kong and Long Sing Shenzhen

ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001

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