Hybrid Pulse Capacitor

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Long Sing’s Hybrid Pulse Capacitor offer high-performance and reliable power for various applications. With advanced technology and superior quality, our capacitor deliver long-lasting energy, making them ideal for critical devices like E-Call/T-box, gas meters, and industrial sensors. Trust Long Sing is your Hybrid Pulse Capacitor company for dependable and efficient power solutions.

Long Sing HPC is a battery-like capacitor, being lithium ion technology based, rather than being pure capacitors, exhibits a much greater capacitance in comparison to pure capacitors, super capacitors.

In fact, the HPC’s capacitance can reach 100’s of Farads, whereas supercapacitors having the same physical dimensions can barely reach a few Farads at best.

Model number Max. capacity
HPC1020 36mAh
HPC1520 80mAh
HPC1530 180mAh
HPC1550 450mAh

Another important factor which should be taken into account is the sealing mechanism of the capacitor. Whereas most electrolytic capacitors use a crimped gasket (usually rubber), Long Sing’s HPC is sealed by glass to metal hermetic sealing which provides greater durability and many decades of operation without any electrolyte leakage, even at the harshest environmental conditions.

Supercapacitor Leakage

The supercap leakage current is an important part of performance in the smart meter, which is related to the operating life time. The leakage current depends on temperature, working voltage, capacitance and other parameters.

Supercap Leakage Current vs. Voltage and Temperature

The supercap has leakage current, need to use lower terminal voltage, like 2 V.

There is the estimation lifetime from VINA Tech 3.0V series supercap, as shown in below table.

VINA Tech Estimation Lifetime – 3.0 V Series

The table below compares the real leakage current as measured on EDLC 5V/5F super capacitor Vs Long Sing’s HPC1550.



Leakage @+25℃ AFTER 24 HOURS
EDLC 5V/5F 10-15 uA
HPC1550 <3 uA

Compared to commercial capacitors and super capacitors, Long Sing HPC which can be used as low temperature battery or high temperature battery will provide superior performance and longer life due to low leakage current, glass to metal sealing, high working voltage and high capacity.

HPC battery applications:

E-Call/Telematic box, working temperature range(-40℃ to +85℃), Pulse max 2.5A for 500us every 4.6ms, recommended battery solution HPC1550-1S3P.