Intelligent Logistics

For industrial gas or logistics enterprises, cash flow is assets, especially mobile assets, and assets are a tool for enterprise cash flow manufacturing, so asset management is very critical for an enterprise. On this platform, the assets and movable property of all enterprises can be tracked and managed throughout the life cycle, including cars, tanks and boxes. In a word, all the assets of the industrial gas industry are managed in the whole life cycle, which is dynamic management, whether the car is empty or heavy, as well as the statistical analysis and big data analysis of the asset turnover.

Intelligent Well Cover

Intelligent city has become the fourth wave after industrialization, informatization and electrification. The construction of intelligent city is the frontier trend of global urban development. Nowadays, many urban pipes for rainwater drainage are often blocked, which seriously affected drainage, resulting in frequent water accumulation on roads, so that it seriously affected people’s life and travel. In addition, the well cover is stolen and damaged from time to time in recent years, leading pedestrians sometimes to fall into the sewer.

IoT Connected Smart Logistics Battery Solution

Traditional lithium ion battery cannot meet the requirement due to lack of high peak current output and large capacity loss under extreme low or high temperatures, which will shorten the life significantly. Commercially available lithium thionyl chloride battery (Li-SOCl2) is one of the longest-life primary batteries in the market. However, when you use the battery alone for high pulse application, you will face a problem of its power limitation.

Perfect Dual Power Supply Solutions for the OBU of ETC System

With the rapid development of highway construction and the increase of automobile ownership in China, the traditional collection system is difficult to meet the development needs. Thus the intelligent transportation electronic toll collection system (ETC) is one of the effective means to solve the problem, and the on-board equipment OBU is an important part of ETC system.

Smart Water Meter

Ying Tan NB-IOT Smart Water Meter Project

NB-IoT, as an emerging internet communication technology, is a new narrowband cellular communication – LPWAN (low-power dissipation wide area network) technology, which has advantages like wide coverage, low power consumption, low-rate, low cost, great connection and high security. It is suitable for long distance, low-rate, low power consumption and multi-terminal services, which could be applied to various applications. On June 16 in 2016, NB-IoT technological agreement was granted by 3GPP Radio Access Network (RAN) Technical Specification Group. Its accomplishment of standard work marked that NB-IoT was about to enter the commercial stage of scale.