Intelligent Logistics

"GOOCONTAINER" Intelligent Container Project​

Tank type equipment is mainly used for industrial gas, the whole industrial gas industry chain is divided into consumption end, transportation end, gas source end and production end. From the production end to the gas source end, from the gas source end to the transportation end, and from the transportation end to the consumption end, this is a typical industrial gas industry chain. The main equipment is storage equipment, including tank and storage tank, as well as transportation equipment, such as tank container and tank car, also including multimodal transport container. For the industrial gas transportation industry, there are several problems, that is, how to control and grasp the market, then configure the gas source, configure production and sales, and then how to optimize, dispatch and distribute, just like the industrial gas shortage in North China. If daily consumption can be accurately predicted, orderly production and effective logistics transportation can be achieved. For enterprises in the industrial gas industry, it is nothing more than to pay attention to these several issues, the first is efficiency, including distribution efficiency, management efficiency. The second is management, including operation management and asset management. The third is safety. This is a series of issues concerned by the industry, but in the current situation, for example, we do not have a clear grasp of customers’ inventory, the timing of distribution is not accurate, and the efficiency of distribution is relatively low. In addition, their own operation management, including asset management, operational efficiency management are problematic, there are a series of other safety issues in the process of operation. How to solve these problems? It is the system of Tank type equipment IoT, including technology and operation.

The first step is to realize visualization and intelligence of all equipment. Visualization can be realized through the intelligence of equipment. To realize visualization of containers, tanks and tank cars on the Internet, including your position, status, content and so on. By doing this, you can clearly grasp the market. For example, you run a gas company, and you put storage tanks and mobile tank sin consumption points such as hospital and factory, the situation of each tank and the consumption terminal can be known in real time. In this way, the market can be accurately grasped, and the supply and distribution management of gas sources can be well done based on the market. If you run an enterprise, you can see the situation of supply point of air source on the website in your whole local area or across the country, including what is installed in it, how much remains and how much can be consumed. This can promote the market and distribution. The operation efficiency can be improved through the visualization of consumption and market consumption, and of course, equipped with a series of software service on the mobile phone. If we can accurately grasp the market consumption, we can arrange, coordinate production and distribution in turn, push the order from the end customer to the system order, then arrange the distribution, carry out reasonable scheduling and management, and realize the intelligence of operation.

By accurately grasping the market, visualizing and clarifying the market and arranging scheduling later, the operation of the enterprise can be clarified through big data analysis, including customer statistics, customer optimization, and dynamic warning of customer gas consumption, which can be actively managed, including the management of customer fees.


For industrial gas or logistics enterprises, cash flow is assets, especially mobile assets, and assets are a tool for enterprise cash flow manufacturing, so asset management is very critical for an enterprise. On this platform, the assets and movable property of all enterprises can be tracked and managed throughout the life cycle, including cars, tanks and boxes. In a word, all the assets of the industrial gas industry are managed in the whole life cycle, which is dynamic management, whether the car is empty or heavy, as well as the statistical analysis and big data analysis of the asset turnover.

The safety issues are of great concern to the industrial gas, industrial gas enterprises and the government. After realizing the intelligence of the equipment, a series of abnormal situations in the operation or storage process of the equipment will be sent to the system in time. Can be through the mobile phone or e-mail real-time alarm and reminder, safety early warning and safety prevention, as well as timely feedback and response to safety accidents. This is to realize the intelligence of the equipment through intelligence, and then realize the intelligence of the operation, which is the whole concept and a series of practices.

The ecological chain of the Internet of industrial gas is formed through the technology of IoT. Whether it is to do supply chain finance or other industries, the core is to turn the dark card into the bright card. If we can’t realize the visualization of equipment on the Internet, or can’t realize the visualization of equipment through the IoT technology, there will be no way to achieve transparent and accurate operation, and no way to link all the points on the ecological chain accurately. This is to promote the formation of the resources of the ecological chain of the Internet of industrial gas the technology of the IoT, achieving win-win sharing through the integration of online resources, offline technology and the integration of industry.