Primary Lithium Batteries

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Long Sing’s primary lithium batteries offer high-performance and reliable power for various applications. With advanced technology and superior quality, our lithium batteries deliver long-lasting energy, making them ideal for IoT devices like water meter data loggers, asset trackers, and industrial sensors. Trust Long Sing is your primary lithium battery company for dependable and efficient power solutions.

Long Sing is one of few primary lithium battery pack manufacturers that also produces its own proprietary cells. This uniquely positions us to design a battery solution that will exceed your expectations. Our in-house cell production gives us additional insight into how to best design a solution for your critical application, as well as control over the quality and supply of the most vital component of a battery pack.

We create battery packs to fit any form factor, from something as small and simple as a 3 cell shrink wrapped stick pack to something as unique and complicated as a potted modular battery system consisting of 32 primary lithium D cells. We take the time to understand the details of the customer’s need to develop a custom pack that meets or exceeds requirements. Everything we build is tested and certified for UN DOT compliance, allowing for quick, hassle free shipping across the world.