Automotive Electronic Power Supply System

The voltage and current fluctuation of automotive electronic equipment due to the change of load would not only influence the function of electronic equipment, but do damage to electronic products.

To solve such a problem, a HPC can be added to the electronic power supply system of cars and charged with power supply. In such a case, HPC can offer the stable power of 3.6V or 7.2V to automotive electronic products for work.

Common HPC for automotive electronic products is one 1520 or one 1550.

1. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

With the acceleration of urbanization process and the improvement of people’s living standard, the urban vehicle inventory becomes bigger and bigger (during 2001-2011, the annual compound growth rate reached 17.91 %).

ETC is moving from expressways to cities, and from current free-flow bridge tolls to future parking-lot charges, and even congestion charges.

The general requirements of ETC for battery system include low maintenance, long service life, instant discharge capacity and at-high-temperature stability.

HPC of small sizes can work at the extreme temperature of automobile ETC in the wide area, and function for more than five years as required.

2. Telematic box/eCall

The failure risk of the car battery during an accident is not negligible. Battery power is particularly important, since in the event of a crash, the car’s main battery or its supply lines may no longer be functional. The eCall system therefore needs to be flexible enough to allow its power source to change from the car’s main battery to a backup battery when required. This backup battery should obviously be as robust as possible as it may have to endure many years before finally being used, and then it still needs to be powerful enough for a loud and clear call.

The battery must provide an average current of 350 mA at current peaks of 2 A for data transmission. The usual communication modules need a minimum voltage of 3.2 to 3.4 Volts.

Long Sing HPC1550 is especially designed to meet these demanding conditions.